Anna Grace Keller

Crisis Response Instructor
Community-Based Health Planning Facilitator

A. Grace Keller has extensive experience mobilizing communities to meet the challenges of natural, industrial, and social disasters. She has a strong interest in how lay health workers address complex social situations and remembered violence using what is always already at hand in their lives and landscapes. Ms. Keller lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.


  1. Encourage informed self-care, independent living, recovery, harm reduction, and community accountability.
  2. Directly support neighbors when their pursuit of dignity is impeded by white supremacy, militarism, and extreme materialism.
  3. Strengthen families; act on the priorities of women and girls.
  4. Teach and learn successful health promotion strategies.
  5. Celebrate measurable, palpable improvement in community health.

HIRE ME! for a stimulating human service position. Challenge me to balance community and agency capacity-building with direct service to people and their families.

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