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Hundred Days After is a qualitative research study of what street medics did in the hundred days after Michael Brown was killed and the hundred days after Hurricane Sandy's landfall. The study has three phases:

  • Phase 1 (Dec 2014-Jun 2015): Ferguson movement medic practices analyzed against theories of how political power was built.
  • Phase 2 (Jul 2015-Oct 2015): Disaster relief medic practices analyzed against a theory of militarization of emergency response services.
  • Phase 3 (Nov 2015-Jan 2015): Practices in both settings analyzed against a critique of modernity that posits alienation of ethical life from political life.

A subset of the primary source documents and interview transcripts will be archived for the use of historians. See the project page for more information on the Hundred Days After study.

Selected conference presentations

Impact of War and Conflict on Women, Children, Veterans and Communities (panel):
Responding to Crisis without Militarizing It
American Public Health Association 143rd Annual Meeting. 2015, Chicago, IL

Cultural Crossroads (panel):
Hand of Christ: Louisiana Vernacular Medicine
7th Annual Louisiana Studies Conference. 2015, Natchitoches, LA

From the Streets to the Cells (panel):
A Political Medicine: Street Medic Response to Unrest in Ferguson
Anarchism and the Body Conference at Purdue University. 2015, Lafayette, IN

Community-Based Response to Industrial Disaster (panel)
with Annie Cotton and Ricki Draper
10th Annual Mountain Justice Summer. 2014, Letcher County, KY

Silent Killers and Hurricane Katrina: Environmental Health and Justice (panel)
with Dr. Louis Collins and Gema Gaeta
Global Voices International. 2013, Chicago, IL

When You Don't Know What to Do: Crisis Response for Herbalists (workshop)
with Esther Mack
Herbalismo! A Medicinal Plant Festival of the Deep South. 2013, Blanco County, TX

La higuerilla: Deep South Traditional Medicine (workshop)
Herbalismo! A Medicinal Plant Festival of the Deep South. 2013, Blanco County, TX

Disability Justice (workshop)
Spreading the Health. 2012, Chicago, IL

Environmental Health after the Gulf Oil Spill (workshop)
United Houma Nation Vocational Rehab Services Conference. 2011, Houma, LA

Use of Native Plants for Traditional Healing (roundtable discussion)
United Houma Nation Vocational Rehab Services Conference. 2011, Houma, LA

Women with Disabilities: Sexual Health Promotion (panel)
with Martina Robinson and Caty Simon
Civil Liverties & Public Policy Reproductive Rights Conference. 2011, Hampshire, MA

How Ear Acupuncture Supports Mental Health and Addiction Recovery (workshop)
Department of Mental Health all day conference for Deaf services. 2011, Framingham, MA.

Innovative Methods for Reaching Vulnerable Populations (workshop):
Lay Health Workers from Mississippi Freedom Summer to the Haitian Earthquake
with Roger Benham
Center for Sustainable Health Outreach Unity Conference. 2010, St. Louis, MO

Post-Katrina New Orleans (workshop)
with Critical Resistance New Orleans
Critical Resistance 10. 2008, Oakland, CA.

Health and Mental Health Needs after Hurricane Katrina (panel):
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Eliminating Health Disparities in New Orleans
with Katya Chizhayeva
American Public Health Association 135th Annual Meeting. 2007, Washington, DC

Selected publications

A. Grace Keller, forthcoming, "A Political Medicine." Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies 2016(1).

A. Grace Keller, 2014, North American Street Medic Stories, 1999—2004 (Book). Asheville, NC: Katuah Medics.

Anna Grace Keller, 2010, Medicine and Motherwit: Roots and Practice of Traditional Medicine in Central Mississippi (Book). New Orleans: Published by the author.

Grace Keller, 2004, Critical Evaluation of Streetcorner First Aid and First Response Classes. Free Voices 1(7); Process for Critical Evaluations of Change-Oriented Work. Free Voices 1(7).

Grace Keller, 2004 Mar, Oil Is The Devil's Excrement: Geopolitics and the Darfur Conflict. South Africa Indypendent.


Other relevant work

Community adviser, Gabriel Piser's 2016 PhD dissertation: Appalachian Anthropocene. Ohio State University, Department of Comparative Studies.

Community advisor, Rixey Browning's 2014 BA thesis: Street Medicine: Guerrilla Healthcare in Times of Social Crisis. Bard College, Division of Social Sciences.

Archivist, 2012—present, Street Medic Stories digital archive. Read Chapter 2: Street Medics in Urban Protest .

Expert reviewer, 2012, Hesperian Foundation's New Where There Is No Doctor, Chapter 21: First Aid. Read the expert review I chaired — many of our recommendations were incorporated into the chapter.

Author, 2012, Street Medic Trainer Study Guide (Book; currently in 2014 3rd Edition). Chicago: Chicago Action Medical.

Author, 2010, Another Disaster. The 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: A Journal from Louisiana (Book). Galliano, LA: Street Stepping Stones Press.

Community advisor, Rachel Judith Stern's 2007 BA thesis: "This is Solidarity," Not Biomedicine: The Common Ground Health Clinic and Discursive Intervention in Racial and Ethnic Health Inequalities. Harvard College, Social Science department. Read Chapter 3: Solidarity not Biomedicine -- Common Ground Health Clinic's "New Model" of Providing Healthcare

Archivist and moderator, 2006—2011, Street medic wiki, the online resource for street medics that anyone can edit

Author, 2004, A Fire in Galilee (Book). Galliano, LA: Street Stepping Stones Press.

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