Evaluations from 2011

“Grace’s clear explanations and exuberance were wonderful!”

“Grace is very thoughtful and brings angles that aren’t often considered. She is a passionate and experienced trainer.”

“I liked the realism, the active participation, and the simulation/debriefing structure. I feel a 400% increase in confidence regarding medical issues and really any situation that requires calmness and clear-headedness.”

Evaluations from 2012

“A lot of what Grace has done for us is what one might call ‘capacity building,’ in that it has allowed us to be so vastly more effective than we would otherwise be.”

“The work Grace has done and is doing has benefited hundreds if not thousands of people directly and indirectly who have made this movement [Occupy Wall Street] what it is. This is especially true now, when that work is largely training-focused.”

“I have to mention all the kindness and openness towards my children. You are the best role models I could ever dream of for my kids. Big extra thank you to Grace for including the kids. Ferg and the kids couldn't stop talking about you the hour and half car ride home, tired and wet, and smiling from ear to ear!”

“From organizing the bridge training at the JP Morgan building in October which benefited so many of us, to implementing our dispatch system and encouraging/training others to keep it rolling, to making connections with the ‘old guard’ of this whole region, to building and editing numerous huge documents that will serve as established protocols and trainings for folks doing our work into the future (and for ourselves)…. It can be difficult to realize just how vital and present those efforts are, because when they’re done right, they just make the rest of what we do work better.”

Evaluations from 2013

“I am a primary care provider, and the clinical information you presented was very useful for me. Things like blood sweeps, weather injuries, and cervical spine stabilization are not part of my training, so this was all new material for me. In fact, you really didn't include much of anything that I already knew on the clinical side!”

“I learned a lot and have knowledge to pass on. Even just learning about resources like the rape counselor that will assist you for 40 hours at Bellevue is of so much value. I can't believe I never knew that after living in the city for 11 years, when so many times it would have been of value to my community.”

“I thought the scenarios were really useful. The things you taught about how to approach the patient, how to get consent, how not to marginalize people with the use of gendered pronouns, etc. was similar to how I was taught to work with people at Columbia School of Nursing! Thank you for a great weekend.”

Evaluations by medics in St. Louis/Ferguson, Missouri, 2014

“I walked into this film showing the other night. Afterwards I offered some herbal tea to the organizers. Two of them said, ‘Hey! There's my favorite medic! We did that training together. You gave us that acronym… what is it? Hungry, tired, something?’ I was like, ‘Yeah! Grace gave us that!’”

“I was sharing some thoughts you gave us about how to teach on the streets with another medic and he was like, ‘Oh, I never thought of that,’ and I said, ‘Talk to Grace more.’”

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