Expert Review of New Where There Is No Doctor

Expert review of New Where There Is No Doctor Chapter 21 (First Aid)
© 2012-2016 A.G. Keller, Roger Benham, Zoë Williams, and Anne Farbman CC BY-SA.


In 2012 I was asked to review a proposed rewrite of Where There Is No Doctor, the world's most-used first-aid book. Street medics don't work alone, so I reached out and a team of my favorite medics assembled to do the job. We argued a lot about the chapter. I organized our opinions into the report below. The publisher of Where There Is No Doctor found it useful. We found our conversation and the resulting document to be a good challenge to how we imagine and teach first aid.

Download PDF of 40-page expert review: streetmedic-expertreview.pdf (0.3 MB).

1 Executive Summary 2
2 Questions 3
3 New approach 4
3.1 Audience
3.2 Recommend training
3.3 Training manual or handbook?
3.4 "Back to the drawing board" (chapter emphasis)
3.5 Education for critical consciousness
3.6 Finding further information
4 First Aid chapter 16
5 Medications section 28
6 Emerging trends in the Western US 32
A The Kid You Want 34
B Who we are 40

The material in this review was used to develop Hesperian Foundation's New Where There Is No Doctor, Chapter 21: First Aid. Follow the link to see the entire chapter on their website.

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