A Political Medicine oral presentation

A Political Medicine
"From the Streets to the Cells" panel
Anarchism and the Body conference, Purdue University, Jun 2015.
© 2015 A.G. Keller, CC BY-SA.

Outline & Slides

This is an outline of the presentation. Page numbers refer to slides.
Download slides: polmed-2015jun-web.pdf (2.1 MB).

1 Introduction 2
1.1 Where this study came from
1.2 What it is
1.3 Technique and sensitizing concepts
2 Medic practices 4
2.1 Affiliating or befriending
2.2 Tending to friends
2.3 Tending to space
3 Politicization & politics 10
3.1 Brown's body politics
3.2 Surfacing tensions
3.3 Persuading
3.4 Limits to politics
3.5 Trust
4 Politics of medic practices 16
4.1 Ethics: undermining coercion
4.2 Heterotopia: tending outside law
4.3 Critique
5 Conclusion 21

You might also like to look at the prepub version of the "A Political Medicine" paper, to be published in a forthcoming issue of Anarchist Directions in Cultural Studies. Or you might like to read the oral presentation proposal.

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