Interview questions for "A political medicine"

One-hour interviews are conducted in groups of 2 or 3 unless a participant requests an individual (30-minute) interview. There is no financial compensation. Interviews are conducted by the participant's choice of conference call or webchat; we ask up to four main questions:

  1. Why, politically, did you connect with medics after Mike Brown's death?
  2. Who did medics hang with and who did they work with (a) in the uprising after Mike Brown was killed, (b) during Ferguson October, (c) after the non-indictment? Why?
  3. Medics worked in vigils, marches, trainings, sanctuary spaces, and aftercare events. What did medics do in each setting?
  4. Did medics get in the way of political action or reflection? How?

We hope the interviews will help us better understand: (a) what medics did in militarized crisis, (b) how medics formed political alliances, (c) political impacts of medics.1

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