February 2015

  1. Develop oversight process
  2. Define stakeholders
  3. Implement oversight process
  4. Code documents for practices (theorize and raise questions)
  5. Identify interviewees and schedule interviews

March 2015

  1. Design interview procedures
  2. Conduct interviews and take notes
  3. Prepare rough transcripts of interviews
  4. Code interviews for practices

April 2015

  1. Continue conducting, transcribing, and coding interviews
  2. Write draft

May 2015

  1. Do systematic lit review for Anarchism and the Body
  2. Revise draft

June 2015

  1. Present on politicizing practices at Purdue (Proposal)
  2. Plan timeline for July-Oct

October 2015

  1. Present on contra-militarizing practices in Chicago (Proposal)
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