Responding Without Militarizing oral presentation

Responding to Disaster Without (Further) Militarizing It
Session 4250: "Impact of war and conflict on women, children, veterans and communities"
143rd American Public Health Association annual meeting & expo, Chicago, Nov 2015.
© 2015 A.G. Keller, CC BY-SA.

Outline & Slides

This is an outline of the presentation. Page numbers refer to slides.
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1 What disaster relief does 4
1.1 Disaster relief redistributes resources & power
2 The concept of militarism 5
2.1 Claims territory
2.2 Builds perimeter; prepares to hold territory via coercion
2.3 Concentrates power/resources up command chain
3 Militarism in action after Hurricane Sandy 6
3.1 Lens: Ethnography of Peoples' Medical Relief
3.2 PMR's basic practices
3.3 Three exemplars of militarism
4 Militarism concept as framework for program evaluation 11
4.1 Does a given disaster relief effort
4.1(a) Consolidate or deconcentrate resources?
4.1(b) Consolidate or distribute power to decide?
4.1(c) Suspend or build democratic constitutional law?
4.2 What hallmarks of DEmilitarization could be used in program evaluation?

You might also like to download slides (womil-2015nov-web.pdf, 0.7 MB), read the presentation proposal, or read internal and public documents from People's Medical Relief's work after Sandy that I archived at the Medic Stories wiki.


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Thanks to Hesperian Health Guides for allowing me to use illustrations from Werner & Bower's 1981 book Helping Health Workers Learn in my slideshow.

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