Planning timeline

One+ months out

  1. Contact known street medic trainers. Go with their preferred dates (typically this is a Friday, Saturday, Sunday training).
  2. Find a space. Look for spaces where it is ok to be loud, and where you can have the space for the entire weekend. You need room for about 20 people to move around freely. Make sure it is mobility accessible and there are options for multiple forms of transportation (or set up a ride-share).
  3. Open registration. Have folks register for the training. We found using Google Docs' form feature very useful because it inputs the data directly into spreadsheets for you. Be sure to ask questions about contact information (email and phone), allergies, if they are coming from out of town and need housing, and if they have any access or food related needs. Ask for a donation of money if the trainers are coming from out of town to pay for their travel costs. Advertise on medic wiki, Facebook, and listservs.
  4. Create information packets. Create welcome packets for folks who register with all the information they need. See examples.
  5. If you plan to offer continuing education credits (CEUs for nurses/social workers/emergency medical workers, CMEs for medical doctors, or CLEs for lawyers), learn about the process in your state and apply! Don't wait til the last minute — getting continuing education accreditation can take months.

One month — 3 weeks out

  1. Close registration. Close registration once it is filled. However, create a wait list because people do inevitably bail.
  2. Confirm. Confirm that your space is set, make sure you have enough chairs and all the supplies you need (see supply list).
  3. Find someone to take on providing a staple lunch meal on Saturday and Sunday. This is important, do not do this piece yourself in addition to other logistics — it is just too much work. If your space has a kitchen,you can have someone designated to cook a meal on those days. Ask participants to bring something to contribute (don't expect a lot) and snacks. Talk to local Food Not Bombs about getting food donations.

3 weeks — 2 weeks out

  1. Communicate with the trainers, and iron out details. Communicate with the trainers in person or on a conference call a few weeks out to iron out any remaining details. Double check supply list. Ask what supplies the trainers will or will not provide for their demos. Check to see if there are any last remaining needs.
  2. Begin to find volunteers for mass casulty demos on the final training day. The more the merrier. People are flaky and may not show, and the more volunteers you have the better of demo it can be.

One week out

  1. Send out reminders. Text, call, and email people who registered to confirm that they are going to attend. If they bail out, fill their spot with someone on the wait list. Re-emphasize that they must attend the entire training in order to become a street medic. Make sure they understand that they must be on time. Also send out reminders to volunteers (food, space, demos, etc).
  2. Pack up supplies and visit space. Take all your supplies to the space and visit the space to ensure it is ready (enough chairs, clean, ready for food prep). Make signs to post on location doors or at street corners to help direct people to the right place if the space is not easily found.
  3. Last minute check-in. Double check with people hosting out of town folks that they are ready for hosting. Double check with trainers for last minute needs.

Day of training


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