Supplies list
  1. Food for lunch Sat/Sun and snacks for the entire weekend (accommodate dietary restrictions)
  2. Dishes/bowls/utensils
  3. Tea and coffee (hot water boilers, coffee pot, filters, mugs, sweeteners)
  4. Drinking water
  5. Toilet paper
  6. Pens and paper for note taking
  7. White boards, markers, chart paper, and masking tape for the trainers (the more the better)
  8. Chairs
  9. Quick kits (gloves, gauze, roller bandages, eye flush bottles, triangle bandages) for all attendees to be used in the demos (they don't need to be sterile, but don't include latex gloves since there will likely be at least one person with a latex allergy)
  10. Real medical kits, reading materials, and other examples for show and tell (such as gas masks, pepper spray canisters, tazer barbs, expended teargas canisters, impact munitions, etc)
  11. Fake cop uniforms and gear. For fake tear gas canisters to be used in demos, take two cups, put some dry beans inside, and tape them together securely with duct tape so they have some weight with the throw. Bring noise makers (megaphone, whistles, etc) and cop uniforms. For fake batons, a stick wrapped in electrical tape is sufficient. For fake pepper spray, a sprayer bottle with water inside works well. To make scenes even more realistic, soap dyed red makes excellent fake blood and washes off easily. Think about demo scenarios and bring any other props that may make it more realistic. Talk to the trainers about what props they think they'll need.
  12. Tarps to keep down the mess of demos if indoors
  13. Printed, bound, trimmed copies of student handbook.
  14. Information about upcoming opportunities to medic
  15. Name tags
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