Action Medical Street Medic Training

Action Medical Street Medic Training

20 hours on a weekend or five weeknights

National first aid systems in most of the world came out of the medical corps of popular and liberation movements in the 1950s and 1960s. This was also true in the United States, where street medics operated and trained people in Mississippi and New York City at least four years before Maryland established the first statewide EMS program.

Street medics are an international informal community who have provided medical support during the last half-century of protests, direct actions, uprisings, and militarized disaster aftermaths. Joining the street medic community involves completing a 20-28 hour training, working at one or more actions as the buddy of an experienced street medic, and maintaining relationships in the street medic community.

This two-and-a-half-day training course is designed as a complete introduction to action medical knowledge and skills. It is open to everyone. No previous training in medicine or first aid is required. Completion of this course will prepare you to serve as a medic at political protests and to help people in your community.

The course features extensive hands-on learning and roleplays. You will learn:

  • Street medic field operations and prevention (4 hours) - How to stay safe and promote safety in high-stress scenes.
  • Emergency response (4 hours) - What to do when one or more people have life-threatening injuries.
  • Patient assessment and first aid (4 hours) - for wounds, internal bleeding, head injury, bone and joint trauma, and burns.
  • Community health work (4 hours) - How to recognize medical emergencies like seizures and strokes, and how to help people with unmet emotional or basic needs.
  • Operating in unsafe scenes (4 hours) - How to help in any weather, avoid dangers and care for injuries from police batons, crowds, dogs, tasers, tear gas, and handcuffs.

Scenarios, skills stations, and critical thinking exercises are based on recent experiences of street medics in backcountry and urban situations. The training is customized to your group and region.

All students will get non-latex gloves and a 70pp street medic handbook, and may purchase a basic first aid kit.


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