Crisis Response Strategies

Crisis Response Strategies

Short version: 2—3 hours
In-depth version: 1 day

Have you ever stood by while something bad was happening, because you felt like you would get hurt, or just get in the way? This hands-on crisis response class helps you prepare to safely assist neighbors, family, people you work with, and your community during crisis or disasters. The principles and skills you learn in the class are useful in emergency situations ranging from community violence to mental health crisis to motor vehicle collisions.

In this class, you will learn and practice how to be safe, control a dangerous scene, establish consent, and recognize and mobilize resources. The whole class will work together to prepare to respond to a simulated disaster. Then we will investigate how a person's environment and decisions work together to cause personal crisis, and where we can interrupt that process. This class is especially recommended for community leaders, organizers, parents, children's caregivers, and activists.


Read handouts in English or Spanish from training at Centro Autonomo (Chicago, 2013). Training and handouts are customized for each group.

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