Self-Care and Peer Support for Helping Professionals

Self-Care and Peer Support for Helping Professionals

Short version: 2—3 hours
In-depth version: 1 day
This workshop is an excellent part of a weekend retreat!

Youth, activists, helping professionals, and others routinely face danger and uncertainty while helping others. This powerful workshop is for groups or individuals struggling with the dark or dangerous places their helping work takes them. We combine safe skills-building exercises with supportive problem-solving of individual and group challenges.

Skilled facilitators lead this workshop. It is based on real-world experience learning how to safely enter and exit dangerous and difficult situations with compassion and caring. The workshop is appropriate for a wide range of helping professionals and community members. Participants will go home with shared skills, strategies, and resources to pace themselves and remain beacons of light in dark places.


Read 20-page booklet (0.9 MB) from a 2014 training with female criminal defense attorneys in Cook County, IL. Training and handouts are customized for each group.

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