Grace Keller works with community groups, church groups, and workplaces to provide trauma and addiction informed trainings and community health planning sessions.

Community health planning

Community health planning sessions help your group:

  • Form a shared vision of health
  • Identify community strengths and conflicts
  • Develop effective goals and action plans
  • Get empowered to take action
  • Evaluate changes in community health status

Planning and evaluation sessions are essential steps if for groups that provide direct service, educate the community, and advocate for change.


Trauma and addiction informed trainings include:

  • Self-Care and Peer Support During Danger and Uncertainty
  • What to Do When You Don't Know What To Do: Personal and Collective Crisis Response
  • Responding to Life-Threatening Emergencies
  • Emotional Emergency and Support After Violence
  • Helping People Change with Motivational Interviewing
  • Community Disaster Preparedness
  • Action Medical Street Medic Training (20 hours)


Presentations are available on topics in:

  • civilian disaster response and the sociology of industrial disasters
  • Southern and Caribbean folk medicine concepts, remedies, and care management
  • history of health care, mental health treatment, and independent living
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